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Stoflight Academy was founded by aviation professionals including highly experienced pilots and other essential personnel. Stoflight started as a project in 2015 and the Academy officially became an EASA Approved Training Organisation in 2016 by the Swedish Civil Aviation Authorities.

Stockholm, the capital of Scandinavia was the obvious choice for us. We’re surrounded by flight training, general as well as commercial aviation, which is a perfect climate for our purpose. The majority of the flight training is conducted in Stockholm Västerås Airport and Stockholm Arlanda Airport.

Stoflight Academy is comprised of a highly experienced and well-qualified staff. The Senior Management is embodied by several decades of experience in the airline industry. The majority of Stoflight Instructors maintain active flight duty in order to keep proficiency to be up-to-date with changes that are made everyday in the aviation industry.

Meet our Team

Diako Rad
Head of Training

Daniel Lindefors
Safety & Compliance Manager

Tristan Okkonen
Deputy Head of Training

Richard Haglund
Deputy Safety Manager


Peter Drysén
Chief Flight Instructor – MPA

Arsho Rad
Assessment Program Manager

Alan Raouf
Chief Flight Instructor – SPA

Martin Nilsen
Marketing Manager

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