Program Details

Below you can find information about the course content, pricing, timeline and other course details.

Pre-Entry Requirements

In order to be eligible for the EASA ATP-Program you need to fulfill all the requirements listed below:


- Ability to obtain EASA Medical Class 1
- Passing grades in Physics, Mathematics, English
- Pass Stoflight Pilot Aptitude Assessment (PAA)

Next Course Date

The next available ATP-Program starts are:


- January 25th 2021

- May 10th 2021

- September 13th 2021


The total cost for the ATP-Program is 95,000 EUR and includes the following:


- PPL Theory (155 hours classroom training including exams)
- PPL Flight 50 hours including Night Rating
- ATPL Theory (843 hours classroom training including exams)
- PIC Flight 87 hours
- CPL ME/IR Flight 78 hours
- MCC Flight 20 hours B737 NG simulator
- Skill test and theoretical exam fees
- Personal iPad and course literature
- Personal flight bag, uniform and accessories
- Private accommodation at campus

Money Back Guarantee

Stoflight Guarantees that you will receive your money back should we break/not deliver as agreed per our student contract.

Program Timeline

Private Pilot License (PPL). This is the first stage and covers the theoretical and practical training required to obtain your first pilot license (Private Pilot License, PPL). The course normally takes 30 weeks to complete. After completion of this stage, you have officially obtained your first pilot wings and you’re allowed to command your aircraft and fly anywhere you like!

Hour Building or sometimes referred to as PIC (Pilot In Command) Training is the second stage of your training. This stage can be combined with stage 3 or performed prior to starting stage 3. During this stage you will fly one of our single engine aircrafts as Pilot in Command for approximately 85-90 hours (15 weeks). This stage is where you build your experience as a Pilot.

Airline Transport Pilot Theory (ATPL-Theory) is the third stage and also the most comprehensive theoretical training. During this stage you will undergo classroom studies 5 days a week for approximately 8 months. This stage covers the theoretical aspect of your airline training. All your training is performed by our experienced airline instructors.

Commercial Pilot Training (CPL ME/IR), is the fourth stage of the ATP-Program. This stage covers the training required to obtain your Commercial Pilot License with a Multi-Engine and Instrument Rating. This stage is roughly 80 hours of flight time (Single and Multi-Engine) and takes approximately 15 weeks to complete.

Multi Crew and Jet Training on B737 NG (MCC/JOC), the fifth and final stage of the ATP-Program. This last module prepares you for your first airline job as a First Officer. This stage takes 3 weeks to complete and is conducted with our highly experienced airline instructors. The training is performed on the B737NG/MAX simulator.

Program Information

Airline Transport Pilot- Program, takes you from zero experience and no previous training, all the way to a fully trained Airline Pilot with the necessary Commercial Pilot License and Multi-Crew courses. Stoflight Academy provides the training in Scandinavian weather which will give you an unforgettable experience. We have chosen the modular method for the ATP-Program and the reason is simple, we do not believe in shortcuts and less training! Modular training in a controlled environment combined with industry experience is the perfect match and optimum training a student pilot can receive. Come and visit us and we’ll tell you more about our training philosophy.

Next ATP-Program Start

Visa Process

The VISA process to enter Sweden for the sole purpose of flight training will be assisted and supervised by the Office for Admission Services. The process time can take up to several months. Once you apply for the program.


Stoflight has active cooperations with several Scandinavian banks to which offers our customers, student loans with attractive interests. If you’re interested in financial assistance, please contact us on and we’ll help you.

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