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Professionalism is always expected of an Airline Pilot, and the same is expected of a Pilot Student. Students undergo an intensive and demanding training process in order to develop a unique set of skills that prepare them for unforeseen challenges ahead. Being a Pilot is often associated with competence, leadership and skill in high-risk environment and requires the very best from its prospective students. A career in aviation is very rewarding, both financially and in terms of job satisfaction. Airline Pilot’s often travel all over the world but depending on your employment you may only wish to fly nationally or take international flights. Becoming an Aviation Student implies that you’re in the process of becoming a Pilot. And during your student years, you will fly both nationally and internationally, preparing your for a future career as an international Airline Pilot.

Stoflight Campus

Stoflight Academy offers private rooms at our own private student campus. The campus is located within walking distance from the main training facilities. Located in walking distance is also Swedens largest aviation museum.

Västerås City

In Västerås, you can experience some of the greatest outdoors environments that are offered in Sweden. Take a stroll in the hilly forest landscapes of Västmanland or visit the Museum of Art or the Cathedral. In Västerås City, a large mall with something for everyone who is fond of shopping. A variety of restaurants and cafés that suits you, and for your evening entertainment the city offers a variety of restaurants, bars, theatres, concerts and culture.

Stockholm City

Explore one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in the world. The City is filled with classical museums, like the Vasa Museum and modern ABBA museum. Visit the Old City, The Royal Palace, The City Hall, Gröna Lund Amusement Park and much more! Stockholm City is located approximately 100 kilometres from our Västerås Training Facility.

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