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Course Details

Below you can find information about the course content, pricing, timeline and other course details.

Pre-Entry Requirements

In order to be eligible for the B737 Type Rating course you need to fulfill all the requirements listed below:


– Valid Medical Class 1
– CPL License (ATPL frozen)
– Multi-Engine Instrument Rating
– MCC endorsed on license
– ICAO Language Proficiency 4

Next Course Date

The next available B737 Type Rating course starts are:


– April 13th 2020

– May 25th 2020

– August 17th 2020


The total cost for the B737NG Type Rating course is 26,900 EUR and includes the following:


– Theory (68 hours cbt/classroom training)
– OTD Training (16 hours OTD/FTD simulator training)
– FFS Training (32 hours FFS simulator training)
– Skill test (4 hours FFS simulator skill test)

– Aircraft Training (6 takeoff/landings in the B737)
– Course literature

Money Back Guarantee

Stoflight guarantees that you will receive your money back should we break/not deliver as agreed per our student contract.

Course Timeline

The theoretical part of the B737 NG Type Rating takes 2 weeks to complete full time. It is a combination of Computer Based Training (CBT) and classroom training with our highly experienced instructors. During this stage you will cover the aircraft systems in-depth, flight planning including performance and mass & balance.

The second stage takes up to a week to complete and involves a great amount of self study. This stage starts with the normal procedures of the aircraft, you will get to know all the switches and it’s procedures. This stage is completed when you have received the training required to start your first Full Flight Simulator (FFS) session.

The third stage contains all your flight training which will be conducted in a Full motion simulator and consists of 36 hours including the skill test. There is an additional 16 hours of training conducted in an OTD (e.g., FTD). The normal rate to complete all 12 sessions of flight training + 1 skill test session takes approximately 3 weeks.

This is the final stage of the B737NG Type Rating and is called the Aircraft training stage. This is the first time you will pilot the actual aircraft, a B737 CL or NG (depending on your course), in which you are required to perform 6 takeoff and landings including 1 full stop landing. This training will be completed in 1 day.

Course Overview

The Type Rating Course provides the pilot with the necessary skills and knowledge required to obtain a B737 CL or NG Type Rating. This course meets the EASA requirements.

Why Sweden and Stoflight for your training?

Scandinavia, Sweden, is a perfect place to get the experience you need to become a good Pilot. You will experience hot summers as well as winter operations with low visibility. In many parts of the world they see our climate as a grey and cold however when it comes to Pilot training, it is actually the best climate you can wish for. We want our future Pilots to experience the reality of aviation, with all types of weather and scenarios.

Our instructors are highly qualified and experienced airline pilots. We probably have the highest percentage of airline experience amongst our instructors. This is a key factor in ensuring our programs to be updated for the aviation industry and it’s challenges and requirements.


Stoflight has active cooperations with several Scandinavian banks to which offers our customers, student loans with attractive interests. If you’re interested in financial assistance, please contact us on customerservice@stoflight.com and we’ll help you.

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